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Before the Flood – Film Review

This is an excellent, level-headed documentary about climate change, presented by Leonardo DiCaprio, during the time that he was the U.N. Messenger of Peace.

Although this is a visually compelling, professionally made movie, DiCaprio does not present this subject as a Hollywood star who has the answers for the planet but more as an enquiring, level-headed person who is able to travel the globe and meet the right people to present the facts about climate change. The result is a film that brings this earth-threatening phenomena, that is often glossed-over, to the attention of the general public.

A remarkable segment from the movie is when Di Caprio walks through a Gigafactory owned, created and built by the Tesla car manufacturer, Elon Musk. Musk says that if the large industrial companies and governments around the world built one hundred of these factories, then there would be no need for fossil fuel based energy plants. This would very quickly return the earth to more balanced and sustainable temperatures rather than the current global warming that is already inflicting great harm to the earth.
Di Caprio responds by saying, “that sounds sensible.”

Available on appletv – Movies – Genre – Documentary. May also be available on Netflix.