The Golden Chain

Stories and Sayings of  Yusef al-Hamadani

Khwaja Abu Yaqub Yusef al-Hamadani (may God sanctify his innermost being), the ninth Sheikh in the Naqshbandi Golden Chain and the first of the ‘Khwajagan’ – the Masters of Wisdom of Central Asia, said the following, illustrating his high station among the Saints:-

“The opening of the faculty of spiritual hearing in the friends of God is like a message from Reality, a chapter in the Book of God, a blessing from the knowledge of the unseen. It is the beginning of the opening of the heart and its unveiling – good tidings from the heavenly stations! It is the dawn of understanding of Divine meanings. This hearing of sustenance for the spirit and life for the heart. It is the subsistence of the secret. God makes Himself Witness for the visions of His chosen servants, and adorns them with His blessed acts and decorates them with His Attributes.

Of His Saints, He makes one group hear through His Exalted Witnessing. He makes others hear through His Unique Oneness. He makes another group of them hear through His Mercy. He makes some hear through His Power.”