Sufi Poetry

Where Do You See God?

They asked Kharqani:
“Where do you see God?”

He replied:
“Wherever I don’t see myself.”



Shaykh Abul Hasan al-Kharqani (may God sanctify his innermost being) was the seventh Shaykh in the Naqshbandi Golden Chain (refer to ‘Features; The Golden Chain’ on this Website), receiving his spiritual secret from Shaykh Abu Yazid al-Bistami.

The following great Sufi Saints wrote glowing poems about Abul Hasan – Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Abdur Rahman Jami and Khwajah Abdullah Ansari. Farid al-Din Attar, another great Sufi Shaykh, devoted much of his book, ‘Biography of Saints’ to Abul Hasan, saying that he was the ‘King of the Kings of Sufi Masters, Ocean of Spiritual Knowledge, Sun of the Lord, Mystery of the Lord and the Qibla of his people’.

Shaykh Abul Hasan taught the following famous Sufis:-
– Shaykh Abu Ali al-Farmadi, to whom he passed the secret of the Golden Chain.
– Shaykh Abu Said Abul Khair, a brilliant and flamboyant Sufi Master who acquired widespread fame – he wrote beautiful poetry, including the poem ‘Beloved’, found in the Sufi Poetry section.
– Khwajah Abdullah Ansari, spiritual Master known as the ‘Sage of Herat’, polymath and poet, who said, “Abdullah was a hidden treasure, and its key was in the hands of Abul Hassan al-Kharqani.”
– Avicenna (Ibn Sina), one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age, described as the father of early modern medicine.