Holland Park Mosque

The Holland Park Mosque is the oldest established Mosque on the east coast of Australia, which was founded in the late 1880s by Muslims of Afghan and Indian origin, who settled in the Holland Park/Mt Gravatt area of Brisbane.

These founders regularly met on a small block of land on the corner of Crest Street and Logan Road for prayers and religious festivals. By 1908, the local Muslim community had raised enough funds to build a small Mosque, in the style of a ‘wooden Queenslander’, which resembled many of the houses in the area.

The establishment of this Mosque was an historical event that was important to the people of Queensland, as it was the first Mosque built on the east coast of Australia and became a landmark in the area. There was no opposition to its establishment. In fact, it, was embraced by the community as a step towards fostering unity amongst the Brisbane community.

The early congregations were small, with the numbers swelling for Eid festivals. The children would love visiting the Mosque, playing under the mango tree and watching the men cook curries on the wood stove.

In spite of the White Australia Policy, the white population accepted their presence, as they were hard working members of the community. The original Mosque was demolished and the new two-storey brick Mosque was completed in 1966, as the original Mosque was too small for the growing congregation.