Ramadan – A Gift

Moses used to go to Mount Sinai, to converse with God.

You have your own Mount Sinai at the time of breaking the Ramadan fast, when you can hold a thousand and one conversations.

When Moses asked, “O my Lord, You speak with me and You address me – will you not show me the Beauty of Your Face? Let me see Your Beauty”.

He received the reply from God, “you shall not see Me.” (Quran 7:143).
“Moses, how can you see My Beauty when there are seventy thousand curtains between us? You are incapable of seeing Me. But near the Resurrection I shall give a month as a gift to the Community of My beloved Muhammad. That month shall be called Ramadan. To the Community of Muhammad that fasts during that month, I shall manifest myself at the time of breaking the fast, that whereas between you and Me there are now seventy thousand veils, there will be no veils at all between Us and the fasting Community of Muhammad, at the time of breaking fast.”


From ‘Irshad – Wisdom of a Sufi Master’ by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak al-Jerrahi.