Iftar Pavilion, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, where the Ottoman Sultans would break their Ramadan fast.

Ramadan – “I am near”

“It was in the month of Ramadan that the Quran was revealed as a guidance for mankind, clear messages giving guidance and distinguishing between right and wrong. So any of you who sees in that month should fast, and anyone who is ill or on a journey should make up for the lost days by fasting on other days later. God wants ease for you, not hardship. He wants you to complete the prescribed period and to glorify Him for having guided you, so that you may be thankful.

(Prophet), if My servants ask you about Me, I am near. I respond to those who call Me, so let them respond to Me, and believe in Me, so that they may be guided.”


Quran 2:185-186