The Unbalanced View of Social Media

In their study of internet addiction, researchers at the University of Hong Kong found that the more a person had a sense of purpose, the less they needed validation from others.

“It’s been said that happiness is when reality meets expectations. The problem with social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, is that we expect the amazing lives we see on them,” said Ben Harvey, founder of Authentic Education.

With 4.5 billion daily ‘likes’ generated on Facebook, the study suggests for some people engaging in social media, it can be a double edged sword when it comes to the effects it produces. Some of the symptoms include anxiety, depression and a sense of loneliness. One of the most concerning problems about social media is people shifting their focus from their personal lives and loved ones to chasing the external validation of Facebook friends.

Mr Harvey said the problems caused by social media stem from two things.
One was an unbalanced view of how great other people’s lives are, “because people post only the good, not the bad”.
The other was looking for external validation, rather than looking internally for meaning and purpose in their lives.