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A Thinking Person’s Guide to Our Times

The author, H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, has an extraordinary background, providing him with a unique view of life and the world, enabling him to write this book. He is a Jordanian Prince, educated at the Harrow School, U.K., has a BA from Princeton University, his first PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge University and his second PhD from Al-Azhar University, Cairo. He is a Professor of Islamic Philosophy and the Chief Advisor for Religious and Cultural Affairs to King Abdullah of Jordan, which has allowed him access to many of the world’s leaders. His book ‘Love in the Holy Quran’ is a best seller.

‘A Thinking Person’s Guide to Our Times’ has a very accessible format. Part 1 documents the crisis in the Islamic world that developed between 1795 to 1995, arriving at the conclusion that the current crisis is the most perilous in the history of Islam. The root causes lie in the very nature of modernity.

Part 2 continues to ‘The Present: What Broke’, presenting a world view under headings that include the political, social and religious causes. Part 3 comprises ‘The Future’.

The concluding Summary and Solutions are practical and well considered.

In the Appendices, Prince Ghazzi compiles an excellent list of Islamic books in English.