Sufi Poetry


When we were asleep in the non-existence of before
the beginning,
before the coming of the regions,
before the erection of this turquoise-domed palace
of heavens,
Your lovers were seared by Your firebrand
in absentia, Beloved.


– Shaykh Abu Said Abul-Khayr.


From the Book, ‘Nobody, Son of Nobody, Poems of Shaikh Abu-Saeed Abil-Kheir’, translated by Vraje Abramian.

Shaykh Abu Said Abul-Khayr was born in 967 (357 A.H.) in Mayhana in modern day Turkmenistan, near the Iranian border. Shaykh Abu Said acquired widespread fame throughout Khorasan and beyond, for his flamboyant personality, his teaching and in particular for his high spiritual station which manifested itself through a clear display of miraculous powers.