Al Madad Ya Rasul Allah

From the album, ‘Pearls and Coral’ by the Burdah Ensemble.

The Burdah Ensemble is a Sufi inspired vocal group based in Montreal, Canada. The group is led by Qari (Solo Hymnodist) Sidi Anwar Barrada from Morocco, together with vocal reciters from The Naqshbandi Sufi Centre of Montreal, whose diverse backgrounds give the Ensemble a unique international flavour.

The accompanying instruments used on the album are qanun (zither), oud (lute), ney (reed flute), kaman (violin) and riq (drums).

This sacred music is strongly influenced by the golden age of Andulusia, expressed by the different chanting maqams, which affects the rhythm, structure and melody of the vocal reciters. There are dozens of Maqams, each with a different spiritual character which conveys a mood. The Qari enters into a deep spiritual state, leading the Ensemble into recitations of joy.

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