The Golden Chain

Exalt God’s Sovereignty

Shaykh Ahmed al-Faruqi as-Sirhindi (may God sanctify his innermost being), the twenty fifth Shaykh in the Naqshbandi Golden Chain, the ‘Renewer of the Second Islamic Millennium’, said the following:-

“The ego-self’s intention is feeling superior to others. Essentially, it desires that creatures be dependent on it for everything, obeying its orders and prohibitions, and not needing anyone or being under anyone’s command. This is a pretense to being God and to sharing God’s incommensurability.

Exalt God’s sovereignty.

But the ego-self is neither happy nor satisfied in sharing; it wants to rule over God. That is it. A divine saying (hadith-i qudsi) was revealed for all those ruled by the ego-self. “Consider your ego-self to be an enemy, since it rises up repeatedly against Me.” This means that one’s own ego-self is the abode of the enemy because the ego-self certainly is rising up as God’s enemy.”