Beautiful Names


The Righteous Teacher

The One who ordains Righteousness and the Right way for all creatures.

Ar-Rashid is derived from the Arabic root ‘r-sh-d’, meaning ‘guidance, righteousness and uprightness’; the opposite of straying and crookedness. The word ’Murshid’, meaning ‘a Director to the Right Path’, is derived from the same root.

In His wisdom, Allah Almighty, may He be praised and exalted, leads all matters perfectly to their conclusion, in perfect order. He is the ultimate Teacher, who guides us to the straight path and salvation. Everything done by Him has a clear and beneficial purpose. His Teaching, which never fails in His wisdom or actions, is so effective that it becomes the nature of everything in the universe that follows his Will.

Although He is All-Powerful, Allah Almighty does not necessarily enforce what He Teaches, leaving it for each person’s will to act upon it. He chooses to let us develop by our own decisions, through practicing what we have been taught.

Islam requires all men and women who follow the religion, to seek knowledge and to learn God’s Divine Teachings. Every person, as a student, initially needs to be aware and conscious of what is being taught. Then we must use our intelligence, given to us by our Teacher, to discipline and educate ourselves and our egos.

As we learn from God, the ultimate Righteous Teacher, we see the perfect order within and around ourselves. The Greatest Teacher guides His students to see His Will, Generosity, Love and Compassion, making it possible for the student to love Him, love to work for His pleasure and in so doing, become righteous.

“In the Name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy.”

“Lord, grant us mercy from You, and provide for us a right course in our affairs.“ (Quran 18:10)

“This is one of God’s signs: those people God guides are rightly guided, but you will find no protector to lead to the right path, those He leaves to stray.” (Quran 18:17)

“. . . do not say of anything, ‘I will do that tomorrow’, without adding ‘God willing’, and, whenever you forget, remember your Lord and say, ‘May my Lord guide me closer to what is right.” (Quran 18:24)

“(Prophet), We shall teach you (the Quran) and you will not forget – unless God wishes; He knows both what is open and what is hidden – We shall show you the easy way.” (Quran 87:6-7)


And God knows best.


Extracts from:- ‘The Name and the Named’ by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak.