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If you are looking for a genuine spiritual path or a way to understand your essence, whilst living in this often difficult world – then welcome to our Sufi Circle.

The Sufis are called the ‘people of the heart’ because the heart of the seeker lies at the centre of Sufi teaching. Sufi Masters understand that the heart of a person is the true centre of their spiritual being and through Sufi exercises, such as Sufi Chanting, you can make a genuine connection between your mind and body to your heart, that improves your inner reality and your connection to the world around you.

It is due to this heart connection, that Sufism is often called the ‘way of love’.

Whilst concerned with the spiritual well-being of a person, Sufism takes a practical approach to life, which includes our family, relationships and having to work for a living. It embraces these aspects and expects that if we’re improving spiritually, then this should translate into an improvement in our everyday affairs. The Sufi way is to live in a happy family environment, do well in your job and to generally introduce harmony and happiness into your life.

Consequently, the Sufi way is a balanced and holistic one.

We extend a warm welcome for you to join our Sufi Evenings in Melbourne which are usually held on the first Thursday in each month, at 7pm for a 7.10pm start. However due to the Covid-19 virus, Dhikrs are suspended until further notice – refer to the ‘News’ section, ‘Suspension of Meetings’ for more information.

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